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Everything has been nearly perfect this week. I have worked hard at the gym and focused on my daily calories, but there was one problem. I wasn’t seeing that stupid scale move. It’s a dangerous road for me because once I see the same number over and over I just want to say screw it and have a full box of cupcakes.

-My insecure thoughts on why the scale wasn’t moving?

-Maybe I shouldn’t be drinking protein shake before my workout?

-Do I need more cardio, but i don’t want to burn muscle?

-Should I be eating less than my original set calories?

-Could it be because I’m gaining so much muscle?…nah

-Should I start intermittent fasting.. stop eating at 6pm?

-Is it because the one cupcake Mark gave me?

-Maybe my body is retaining water

Well this morning I did wake up to find the scale did move!! I’m down to 196 I just hope this continues. I guess this is all part of the process, questioning myself and working through my issues. I need to get a better relationship with that square with the numbers. I know the numbers will move and I should be okay with it as long as I know I am being healthy and following my own standards.