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Okay so I live in a small 500 square foot (if that) studio apartment so I bought these Ikea trones meant for shoes but I use them for anything. Just nice to have some extra vertical storage. I want to do a whole wall of them, but that’s not too practical. I wanted to decorate them because black seems so boring.

I thought it would be so simple to buy some paint and go to town… Well as I looked in on it I learned that plastic does not really hold acrylic paint because of the slick surface.


  1.  I had to rough up the plastic


2. Put some special coating to make it more “sticky” it says sealer but it can be used as a base


3. Add a couple of layers of white so my color would show up


4. add a layer or two of my picked out color


5. Add my design


6. Then finally add a finishing varnish


I had fun doing it and it I spent 30 bucks on the paint so not to bad, I even did one with the dogs 🙂 it got a little messy