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As you know I have an unhealthy relationship with my scale.

That thing I like to flip off every morning. 

Well, I am setting a new goal for myself. No reward or anything just to see if I have enough will power to do it. I am challenging myself to stay off the scale for 5 days. I am just so devastated when I see those numbers move in the wrong direction. I would do a whole week, but I’m just going to start small for now.

Reasons to not weigh myself everyday

– HORMONES, I gain and lose every month, I know it’s something I can’t really control

– You will be way more impressed by the amount you lose when you do weigh (-.5 lbs vs 3 or 4!)

– Not having so much anxiety every morning

Reasons I’m afraid not to weigh myself everyday

– What if I’m not doing things right, how will I know?

– I may have increased anxiety because I will eventually want to know!


Current weight: ???