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Over tha past few weeks I have noticed what keeps me on track with my weight.

  1. Keeping clean

I’m talking Everything from hygiene to the house. Once things start to get out of hand your diet does as well.

2. Only eat IN

Sound’s so simple stop eating out. If you grab a drink here, a snack there it gets so out of hand that you’ve ruined your week. You’re now in your bedroom ordering a family size pizza for yourself, pretending you have “company” over. Benefit of this is you save some money if your strict with yourself.

3. Don’t hold off on your workout

Try going as soon as you have the time. I try going right after work. If I go at a later time it never happens. Take your protein shake and get moving. Getting in a routine will really keep you accountable and before you know you’ve been going to the gym for months.

4. Write it down

Even if you’re not a writer, get it down on paper. Putting my goals down and having them out in the open is the best way to keep me honest. I look at my next goal with my next reward and get motivated to hit it.

5. Tell the world

Now that your goals are out in the open, tell everyone you can. I promise the more people you tell the more likely your going to hit that goal.