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Just got back from a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I had a fantastic time visiting with family, and getting to know the area. We went for my husband’s grandparent’s birthday. All they wanted was for everyone to come to town and enjoy their birthday with them.(so cute)

My husband warned me that the way the celebrate is through food, and it would look bad to just “be healthy”, and nearly impossible as well.

I just weighed myself and I am back to 197 :((( I nearly died when I saw that, but not surprised either.  I know once I get back into a routine pounds will fall off pretty quickly, and then slowly again. Next time I think I need to be really stern in the amount i eat. I feel like i am back to day 1 but I know thats not true. In a couple days I will see my true honest weight and then i will be able to determine where I really am.

Also I am switching to a plant based diet. 5 Reasons

  1. When I lost weight it was because I was a vegetarian.( I had so much energy)
  2. I really don’t like how big Ag has taken over my food with chemicals
  3. Fairly quick and easy to make
  4. my husband is all for it
  5. Easy way to make sure i’m eating right


Current: 197

Starting: 198 😦